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10 Essentials To Bring On a Long Bus Ride

From taxi cabs to coach tours and to airplanes, people have several transport options to take when traveling. And you know what pro travelers say, each transportation requires its unique way of packing things up. Now that tour bus excursions among groups of travelers are becoming more and more popular in Western countries like the coach hire in Manchester or the tour bus rentals in L.A., we give you tips on how to pack your essentials to experience going on a bus trip like a pro.

Most travel companies will keep your travel bags inside the luggage chamber so you probably won’t have access to it until you get off the bus. But couriers will let you take your satchel bags or the smaller ones with you. Take this opportunity to bring a useful toolkit that will make your traveling more comfortable than ever. But the difficult part is not to forget something very important. So take a list of the best essentials below to make sure everything’s packed up before you go.

Large Scarf

When traveling by bus for several hours, it’s good that you have something to cover up with. A large scarf saves you from chills when traveling to cold places. Plus, this one’s a good substitute for blankets to save up space for more useful stuff rather than a thick blanket alone.  

Tissue Packets

If there’s something that you shouldn’t forget to take in all your journeys, it’s the tissue packet. In call of nature, you can’t always ensure the availability of toiletries around you so better if you always have your own. Tissue packets are very useful in travels especially when you need to wipe your seat or any other surfaces around you. And since there’s a little space for air circulation inside the vehicle, you can use a tissue paper to cover your nose or wipe your face in order to avoid sources of germs, allergies, and different viruses.  

Travel Snacks

Your excursion may provide a food package inclusion, but between the time you feel hungry and you’re not yet allowed to get off the bus to eat, know that you can bring some snacks to save yourself from hunger. Choose between healthy and fun snacks or maybe you can have them both. Healthy snacks include dried fruits, veggies, granola bars, or a bag of nuts. Since it’s travel time and you’re supposed to have fun, you can skip your diet and go for fun snacks like potato chips, candies, or cookies.


When taking your water, use slim memobottles instead of large water jugs. Memobottles can save more space and are slim and handy, perfect for travels. Water is another essential that you shouldn’t miss bringing especially if you choose to travel when the temperature is high. The water refreshes your body and keeps you from dehydration.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

Travel pillows could occupy a large space in your bag so to make it handy, switch to inflatable ones. There are several choices when it comes to shapes and unique features like those that are designed for travelers who prefer side sleeping positions or the self-inflating pillow that won’t bother you to blow up while inside the vehicle or the bow-tie shape which comforts and supports your back.


Make your medications always travel-ready. Never miss to include your prescription on the list, especially if you have chronic or serious illnesses. You can also bring over-the-counter medicines such as pain relievers, antihistamine for allergies, and other preventive medications for migraine, diarrhea, and nausea.  

Sleeping Mask

Traveling for several hours is surely exhausting that you fall asleep from time to time. But sleeping in an upright position with several people around you is going to be different from sleeping in your own bedroom. The sleeping mask makes your sleeping more comfortable. Other travelers plug their earphones and play some music to ease the noise from other passengers.

Hand Sanitizer

A lot of germs are accumulated inside the vehicle and it’s so important to keep yourself away from common diseases that are brought by these. Stay healthy by disinfecting your hands with alcohol or a hand sanitizer before and after you eat.

Power Bank

Mobile phones and other devices play a very important role in a passenger’s journey. You wouldn’t feel at ease when you know your phone’s about to get empty. While some bus companies provide charger ports under your seats, you can also bring a portable power bank to charge your devices once you get off of the vehicle.

Personal Alarm

A personal alarm is useful for either solo or female travelers. You can use this thing in times of trouble, especially when you feel like your seatmate is not treating you right. Get the driver’s attention by blowing a whistle and ask for help.