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6 Reasons To Plan A Sri Lanka Island Tour This Time

Are you planning to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and go for a fun-filled vacation with your loved ones? Is Sri Lanka being your choice this time? Then, let me tell you that the experience is going to be really thrilling and one of a kind. This island has a lot to offer, ranging from stunning views all around to serene climate, and what not to turn your trip into a cherishing and everlasting memory.

Sri Lanka is blessed, blessed with a widely spread breathtaking natural beauty and splendid attractions. Well, this is not the only reason why a significant amount of tourists visit this country and why you should be planning on Sri Lanka Island Tours this time. There is much more to tell you about the place and reasons to give this place a visit. So, here we begin-

To Get Enraptured With Its Wildlife

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Are you a nature explorer and wildlife lover? Just asking because this place is going to offer you one of the most captivating and miraculous experience, and if you are one, then get ready to get wild with a range of species out there. Witness the spectacle of spinner dolphins and dive with blue whales in Kalpitiya. It would make a nature enthusiast go stunned that this island has 5,800 wild elephants loitering about and the biggest accumulation of leopards in the world. To watch them along with many other wild species like sloth bears and buffalo, you can visit Yala national park.

Get Yourself Lost In The Amusing Caves

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The rock temple of Dambulla Buddha – the principal Pali Chronicle of Sri Lanka, is replete with excellently crafted Buddha Statues that reflects the rich artistry of that time. The creativity all around the caves adds an extra dash of fabulousness in the structures and allow the tourists to witness one of the most wondrous cave paintings and amazing atmospheres in and around. The place has exclusive environment that offers extreme pleasure to the visitors. Get an immense peace of mind by visiting the caves and get lost in its serenity.

Tea And Ambling Early Morning In Its Aroma

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The tea aroma of this place will awaken your senses and will give you a perfect dose of morning hike.  Get enamoured with what Sri Lanka is famous for- its Ceylon tea, and explore its lush green tea plantations by trekking. Go for a four-hour trek up to the Ella Rock to see the drop dead beautiful views. Situated in the central of picturesque countryside, with vegetables and tea plantation spread all around on the hill slopes, this hill station in Sri Lanka is nothing less than heart-stirring. Ella rock indeed, is one of the most astounding places to visit in this island, and a place you should not miss while on your Sri Lanka tour.

Surfing And Partying To Get Excited About

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Situated approximately 314 km from Colombo in the south east of the island, Arugam Bay is counted among one of the top ten surf points in the world. This typical fishing village offers an abundance of opportunities for the passionate water sports lovers and those who want to do underwater photography.  After enjoying the surfing in this crescent of golden sand during summer days, you can move on to enjoy a galore of beach parties on the mild nights. To get an impeccable dose of winter sun, you can drag your board to Weligama.

To Take A Glance Of Hell

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If you are in a search of somewhere different on the island to get away, there is nothing wonderful like the Wewurukannala Vihara temple to actually take your breath away. This temple is immensely popular for a giant Buddha waiting to welcome devoted visitors, but in a real sense, the most magnificently stunning feature exists somewhere along the way.  There are models of human being inside the temple being showed burning alive and sawn brutally to displaying a sight of hell. Visitors would need to have a walk around these horrors before reaching the gargantuan seated Buddha.

Captivating Rocks

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Sigiriya is considered as a must visit attraction point in the island. It is an abandoned place located at the top of a giant, soaring bolder. A large stone is situated in the place that is surrounded by extensively spread gardens, lakes, and other structures. Rock climbing in this terrific place can be extremely extraordinary and astounding. Well, it is suggested for those having vertigo to avoid this place as the stone is up and tremendously steep. This means, you will have to climb the rock through the extremely narrow staircase. But undoubtedly, the experience is going to blow your mind away.

There is much more to explore on this beautiful island for which, you would need to give the place a visit. So, if the above-mentioned reasons have induced you to go for a vacation in Sri Lanka, then start planning now. But, before you pack your bags, you can approach a reliable tour and travel company that provides Customized Tours in Sri Lanka. You can get in touch with one such company, and can book the best suited package, depending on your overall budget and other needs to make the most of your island tour. For this, you can take help of the internet, so that you can get various options to choose from and that too so conveniently.

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