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9 Top-notch Argentina’s Tourists Attractions

Have you been to Argentina before? The country is known for a diverse culture encircling from sub-tropical north to sub Antarctic south. The country encompasses a rich cultural and traditional heritage that attracts several tourists across the world.  The adventure starts from Buenos Aries, capital of Argentina that exaggerate a vibrant European feel, to Mendoza wine tours and many more. The city is renowned as the best place to learn “Tango”, a dance form originated in Argentina.

In addition to natural scenic beauty and cultural attractions, the country is a home to largest Continental Mountain Range i.e. Andes; the spectacular waterfalls and incredible glaciers. The reasons why Argentina is a top tourist’s destination are endless.

From tasting the award-winning wine to exploring the largest mountain range, from experiencing adventurous activities such as ballooning, kayaking to witnessing mesmerizing landscapes; the place offers everything that a tourist’s heart desires for.

In this article, I have listed 9 top-ranked attractions of the place that makes visitors come back here again and again.

Here we go

  • Iguazu Water Falls

The first top most highlight of Argentina is Iguazu falls. The mesmerizing Iguazu falls are situated in Iguazu National Park along Argentina’s border with Brazil. There is no doubt in saying that these falls are undeniably one of the most spectacular sights in Argentina.

The falls are taller and twice wider than Niagara Falls. Around 275 waterfalls combine together and they make around 60 to 80 meters high along with 3 km edge. Don’t miss Devil Throat! Area just above the falls. There is nothing more breathtaking than witnessing Devil’s throat.

Image Source: Iguazufallstours
  • Mendoza

Unquestionably, Mendoza is one of the Argentina’s most beautiful cities. Whether it is summer or winter, the place attracts skiers and hikers around the globe. Also, the place offers many outdoor activities such as camping, rafting etc. Visit the place and experience cultural festivals, museums, and local markets, just to name a few. The place is a hub of vineyards. You can take few bottles of wines to accomplish with dinner.

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  • Buenos Aires

Argentina’s most attractive city; Buenos Aries. Visitors start their exciting Argentina tour from the city. The place is a hub of delightful museums, cafes, boutique shops, art galleries. If you are a fun loving and love to sing and dance, don’t miss taking lessons for Tango, famous Argentina’s dance form. Visitors who are fond of shopping and nightlife, Bueno Aires is no less than a heaven!

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  • Perito Moreno Glacier

Another most admired sight is Perito Moreno Glacier; around 30km long ice glacier. It is a main attraction of Patagonia’s Los Glaciers National Park. Visitors who are fond of trekking can climb the glacier and enjoy the excursions.

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  • The Valdés Peninsula

The place is one of the most famous cruise destinations in Argentina. The place attracts several water sports lovers throughout the year. If you are a nature admirer, don’t miss visiting Valdés Peninsula; a nature reserve listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site for its diverse wildlife. The kids will get to see animals like sea lions, shorebirds, penguins etc. and this sight will make their day.

Image Source: Ammanik
  • Ushuaia: The End of the World

The southernmost city is Ushuaia, it is popularly known as the “end of the world”. Famous attractions of the place include Tierra del Fuego National Park, San Juan de Salvamento Lighthouse, Isla de LOS Estados; the End of the World Museum etc. The place is a blend of fascinating landscapes and incredible mountain range; Andes.

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  • Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tall waterfalls, dense lush forest, beautiful glaciers, stunning glaciers – if all that excites you, Tierra del Fuego National Park is the place for you. The park attracts several tourists who want to witness nature’s beauty at its best.

Image Source: Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler
  • Bariloche and Argentina’s Lake District

It serves as a major tourist place for those who are looking for assorted nature’s beauty. Also, visitors around the world visit the place for adventures like peak climbing, trekking etc. From glaciers to waterfalls to volcanoes, the place encompasses everything required for rafting, climbing, hiking etc.

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  • Mar del Plata

Want to experience the best beaches in South America? Visit Mar del Plata, the city encircling the best beaches crowded with tourists throughout the year. Plus, don’t miss the famous Juan Manuel Fangio Museum; car museum. Another famous attraction is Mar del Plata Aquarium, enjoy marine excursions like dolphin show etc.

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So, these are 9 top-notch tourist attractions. Don’t miss any of these places. Book a reliable tour package from a tourist agency and look for different travel packages. Hiring a travel agency will make your trip hassle free. All you need to do is thorough research on the internet about the agencies and look for parameters such as travel itinerary, price, exclusions etc.

Excited to visit Argentina? Book your tickets and feel the magnetism of the Argentina!

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