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Best Places to Travel in Tillamook

Have you planned your journey to Tillamook? If yes, you have made the right choice to travel. Tillamook Country Oregon is located on the coast of Northern Oregon and situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Ranges Mountain. It presents the picturesque Garibaldi Village, Oregon featured with beautiful beaches, rivers, ocean fishing, and much more breathtaking scenery.

If you have planned to travel Tillamook, Oregon, you are really going to have an amazing travel experience with adorable natural presence. Here, are the list of few places that you must visit while you travel in Tillamook.

Cape Meares Lighthouse

Here, you will find the stunning view from the path to the lighthouse. The walk back from this point is somewhat tedious but can walk. There are two paths towards the lighthouse, so you can choose down a path as there are lots of things to see. With lighthouse, you will see an amazing view of the water, forest, and many things. If you visit Tillamook, you should not forget this amazing point to view beautiful nature.

Cape Lookout State Park

It can be reached from Portland via scenic Wilson River pass. You can enjoy waterfalls, fishing and scenic views in your path break. Cape Lookout is located in between the ocean and Netarts Bay on a sand spit where you can even have the view of a whale along with other wildlife. While visiting the park, you must carry paragliders and gliders to have a stunning park view.

Tillamook Forest Center

If you are looking for an adventurous climbing to the top forest, the Tillamook Forest Center is the best destination. Oregon forest education and reformation center show the lavish green landscape of the Coast Range Mountains of North. Here, you will know the past and present management of the forest. If you love forestry, you must visit this place in Tillamook to know a perfect way and plan for replanting forest.

Tillamook Air Museum

The Tillamook Air Museum is the largest wooden building in the world and currently a large collection of restored aircraft. It was built in 1942 as “Hangar B” which is in long arched shape and was basically built for holding the airship of Titanic in its cavernous wooden shape. It was taken under by private bodies when military discontinued of using it. Here, you will find an incredible collection of aircraft. If you are interested in aircraft technology, it can be the best point to earn knowledge.

Munson Creek Falls

The waterfalls here are really mind-blowing that completely make you feel like you are in heaven. It’s really a great relief destination for those who are traveling through highway 101. Munson Creek Falls State Natural Site is another newest park that has been open since 2000. Here, you will see beautiful scenery with a big maple leaf, red alder, and western red-cedar. A wide range of beautiful wildflowers like trillium, violets, corydalis, and more bloom here. The falls appear in three tiers which spill from the height of 319’.

Latimer Quilt and Textile Center

If you love arts with textile then this place will really blow your mind. Here, you will find amazing textile and quilt design. You will find the ladies working there and creating the design with textile and quilt. There is a room of weavers where you can ask about the design they are creating. Here, weavers will happily explain you about the way, they design textile and quilt. You will see people doing varied activities like operating a quilting or loom. You will also find many creative textile designs and quilt for sale. If you want, you can purchase also.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Tillamook country is really a wonderland with astonishing waterbodies where you have five estuaries, nine rivers, four bay, lakes, and sloughs. No matter, whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, you will find many opportunities in Kayak and Canoe with tranquil and beautiful views that can only be visited through a boat. With an amazing view, you will also find rich ecosystem with serene birds, and wildlife.

Tillamook Bay, itself has the five rivers that feed all the water bodies like lakes that are mostly in the feet of Garibaldi. And, Garibaldi is a headquarter of Tillamook Estuaries Partnership that watershed many resources.

Bayocean Peninsula

It is located near to the Tillamook, Oregon that consist of lakes which offers lots of options, to do many activities throughout the year. Climbing on Tillamook Spit may take your full day, but at the same time, you enjoy many habitats. The bulrushes and other plants present in the way are exceedingly productive as they hold loose sand with their root masses.

As you move ahead in the end of the spit. You will see tidal flats and a sandy inner Tillamook Bay with the wave. And, heading back on the spit in ocean side, you will see flat Pacific Beach. Now, while returning back to the road side, you will get freshwater pond and lakes. So, overall you should not miss Bayocean Peninsula, as here you can find all amazing taste of nature.

Hence, these are the amazing places in Tillamook that you must visit. However, if you are planning your trip to Tillamook, you must need to have travel guide before you reach here. This is needed so that you may not find any kind of trouble there and could enjoy your trip at each and every moment in Tillamook.

You may visit many online portals like Garibaldi House and more to have the perfect guidelines and staying facilities in Tillamook. Apart from staying, you can also have many other services that you need to make your journey more comfortable and enjoying. If you have yet, not decided your perfect destination to travel, you can choose Tillamook as your ideal traveling destination.