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Discover Mystical Bhutan – The Land of Thunder Dragon

The Kingdom of Bhutan is nestled among the mystic and majestic Himalayan ranges. Bhutan is a stunningly beautiful country of deep valleys, high mountains, and happy people. Imbued with rich Buddhist tradition, compassion and wisdom are the benchmarks against which all things are measured, and where the King rules by ‘Gross National Happiness’.

Many people consider it the Shangri-La, the mystical paradise hidden in the confines of the Great Himalayas. As a traveller interested in its picturesque beauty or an explorer of exotic culture, Bhutan is loaded with fascinating geographical and cultural wonders. Embark on this tantalising trip for adventure and even for spiritual gains with Bhutan Pelyab Tours. Discover the mysteries of Bhutan through our different Bhutan Tourism Packages that include Bhutan Trekking Tours, or Bhutan Cultural Tours. Experience the exotic living culture and Buddhist tradition of the country. The popular itineraries with tourists include Cultural Tours, Trekking and discovering the general peaceful existence. Enjoy the bounties with Pelyab tours – Best Bhutan Travel Agency.

Bhutan Trekking Tours

Bhutan is densely forested with 80% of the land under forest covers. Majestic Himalayan ranges stand sentinel to the lush green virgin Pine forests and serene ambience of this Buddhist nation. Bhutan Trekking Holidays offers you the chance to explore the world’s only carbon-negative country.  The country is called by its people “Druk Yul”, meaning “The Land of The Thunder Dragon”. Bhutanese Himalayas is covered with blue pine forests as well as lush forest shrub and receives plenty of rain. Bhutan is endowed with rich flora and fauna that is unique to this land only. There are different trekking trails. High mountains have fewer villages. More importantly, trekking in these lands does not require any special technical skills. This is a pleasant opportunity to relax yourself, sleep under the twinkling stars, immerse and indulge yourself among Nature and local culture. Trekking in Bhutan is dissimilar from other regions in Asia.

Magical Cultural Tours

Travelling is a passion for many, but the enriching cultural experience of Bhutan is different from other countries of the world. Bhutanese people are ardent followers of Mahayana Buddhism and as a nation, they have pledged themselves to the unique concept of “Gross National Happiness”. Every person in Bhutan is committed to this concept wherein spreading harmony and happiness is equal in stature to earning fame and money. Everyone is attuned towards happy and blissful contented life.

Talking about Cultural tours, people here are very sweet and have divine happiness. Their lifestyle is simple and they just know one thing i.e. spreading love and happiness. Rest than that, you will divine and peaceful, when you visit Bhutan. We invite you to avail Bhutan Tour Package for an experience to enhance your first-hand information of the concept of Gross National Happiness with delightful Cultural Tours.

It is mandatory for all tourists to carry their visas other than citizens of India, Bangladesh and Maldives. Bhutan Visa is processed by certified Bhutan Tour Operators and Travel Agents. Bhutan Pelyab Tours is an authorised and licensed tour operator in the Kingdom based in the capital city of Thimphu.

Visits to temples, fortresses, monasteries and sacred religious sites are also included in the cultural tours. Bhutan has retained its exotic uniqueness as it remained aloof from the outside influence of the world as late as 1974. Aptly named as the last Shangri-La, this tiny Himalayan kingdom has its history dating back to four millennia of habitation. The Himalayan kingdom is a treasure trove of archaeological treasures, including many ornate temples and dzong fortresses. Isolation from outside influence has frozen its heavily Buddhist tradition.

Festivals like Tshechu(mask dance festivals) are the best occasions to witness Bhutanese culture in all its hues, colour and grandeur. Men and women wear traditional hand woven dress to witness the mask dances. Tshechu in Bhutan portrays the victory of good over evil, moral righteousness and vices and virtues. Mask dances are performed by monks and laymen. All of them are beautifully attired in colourful costumes and masks. These cultural tours are tailor made to let the tourists experience unspoilt beauty of the land and its vibrant colors. Buddhist spirit is all pervasive in the culture and closely resembles Shambala or paradise.

Nowadays, travellers are allowed to home-stays in villages to experience a peek into the rural lifestyle of the common village folk. If you are an aficionado of exotic culture, come experience Bhutan tour package with Pelyab tours. Ask for best Bhutan tourism package to suit you perfectly.

Other Things to Do in Bhutan

Excited about a trip to Bhutan? Let Bhutan Pelyab tours fix your itinerary. Besides trekking and culture tours, you can also try your hands at water sports like kayaking and rafting, along with exploring the countryside by mountain biking. Tourists will be enthralled with Bhutanese flora and fauna. Witness these in the National Parks and Botanical Gardens that dot the capital city. They are well endowed with heavenly beauty. Wildlife destinations such as Royal Manas National Park, Torsa Strict Nature Reserve and Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary allow travellers to explore the most endangered species of birds and animals here.

Other attractions include The Folk Heritage Museum or the Phelchey Toenkhyim, the National Textile Museum and Bhutan Museum in Thimphu while the National Museum is located in Paro. The National Museum of Bhutan has hundreds of artefacts which date back to thousands of years.The National Museum is an educational institution in its own right. This is rightly considered as the pride of Bhutan Tourism.

The best time to visit Bhutan spreads from the months of March to October. With a plethora of things to do in Bhutan under the Bhutan tourism packages, tourists will be left with asking for more of its serendipity. The picturesque vistas of the gigantic snow clad the Himalayas have uncountable scenic views to be clicked for eternity. Bhutan is aptly described as a paradise for amateur photographers with deep treasures of mesmerising sunset views, romantic ambience and natural landscapes.