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Eat food as medicine with rabbit meat

A majority of people believe that nothing can replace the taste of the poultry, however, an individual who once have tried a slightest of that mouthwatering rabbit meat would have disagreements for the statement. A rabbit has that crunchy skin with an intense and fulfilling flavor


Though it most of the time underrated that rabbit has most of the health benefits


For rabbit meat buyers in USA we have collected some facts and information that you never know so hold on and follow the lead.
Rabbit meat is well accredited for the richest of protein reserves that are than any of the beef and chicken

The meat is a hub for wide arena of minerals containing 205 mg of phosphorous and potassium in 292 mgs, according to Bikorimana, expert nutritionist

He further brings to light, that if rabbit is higher in proteins, it has on the contrary the lowest percentages of fats that is the best proportion to build lean muscles and have a healthy diet
Beef chicken or rabbit?


Comparatively the calories are lower, for one serving contains only 147 cal count and hence eating a moderate meal assures that you get the calories required to fulfill your nutritional objectives as well as the basic nutrients requires to overall improve your health conditions

One should give a second thought for consuming rabbit meat with a bowl of vegetable or with some healthy low carb. Since a single serving of rabbit meat brings lesser calories than that of the same portion of beef or pork


Research has revealed that the rabbit meat lesser in cholesterol and hence best for the individuals with heart disease

The juicy meat also carries some quantities of selenium a nutrient that fights the clogging of cholesterol in arteries and various types of cancers such as stomach, lungs skin and prostate

A single serving of rabbit meat can fulfill your daily needs of phosphorous by 22 %. The minerals holds 1% of your body weight and regulates your body’s capacity to break down carbs and fats as well as quick repair of cells and tissues


A remedy for female health


In terms of nutritional values, the rabbit contains a hub of all and is undoubtedly a rich source of minerals and iron which we often overlook as the building block of our health.

For women the nutrients in rabbit are the major source of health as it recovers the deficiency of iron that is raised during the periodic cycles


The sodium mineral in rabbit meat is relatively lesser than any other meats while it has greater quantity of calcium and phosphorous, that holds a greater ratio of meat as compared to bones in the rabbit as compared to chicken
With its characteristics as unparalleled taste and nutritional value, rabbit meat has everything that satisfy your taste buds who are also concerned about the health. It is highly advised for the pregnant women, lactating ones, elders and sports and athletes

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