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Some Must To Do Things in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is an amazing island, recognized one amongst the most sought after tourist places in the world. A large number of people from across the world reach here to explore it. This holds beautiful parks, beaches, markets, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. Being in Lanzarote is a wonderful feeling that you can understand only after you get to this beautiful land. In addition to these all, you have much more to enjoy in excursions lanzarote. Here in this blog, I am going to tell a few of them to you. I am going to get across about some activities that you can enjoy here, and they are as following.


Kitesurfing is one of the most liked tourist sports in Lanzarote from April to October. Trade winds during this period make kitesurfing an unforgettable event. Beaches are the best kitesurfing places. Tourists can easily be seen enjoying this on the beaches. Famara, Playa Blanca, Playa Honda, and Mirador del Rio are amongst the popular beaches where you can enjoy this sport. If you carry your kites and boards, it is a fantastic idea, but if you do not take your own, you can easily obtain them.


Fishing is also a rather popular attraction for tourists in Lanzarote to enjoy. This is completely traditional. You can buy fishing rod easily and go to catch fishes. If you hire a boat to enjoy fishing in the mid-water, they can also provide you fishing rod to enjoy the fishing from their boats. However, this would be better to talk about this in advance. If they do not have any, you can take this from nearby places.

You will love fishing, as waiting for a fish to be trapped in your fishing equipment is an amazing feeling. When several tourists together try to catch a fish and everyone trying to get a fish first, this becomes a great competition and fun activity. The best facet of fishing is that you can enjoy it during the night as well since some boats offer this facility too.

However, get hold of the local rules regarding fishing before going for it and abide by the same, as this will not ensure your fun will not put you in any undesired trouble.


Sailing is another great thing to get involved in Lanzarote. Marina Rubicon, Puerto del Carmen, and Puerto Calero are the some places where you can enjoy sailing. Boats are easily available for sailing in Lanzarote.

In addition to sailing, you can read about the significance of Canary Islands in maritime history.  The seven islands of the archipelago have their own strategic importance in the Atlantic Ocean. You search history related to this, you will get several interesting stories.


Lanzarote provides great trekking opportunities as well. This is the land of several beautiful hikes and treks, as Caldera Blanca, Cueva de los Verdes, Femés to Papagayo, Guatiza, and La Graciosa. You can approach an experienced guide to assist you in trekking any trekking site in Lanzarote. The guided trekking will make your tour Lanzarote unforgettable. Instead of looking for a trekking guide after you reach Lanzarote, this will be a better for you to do online search for this and hire his services in advance, as per your planning.


The islands provide you great diving opportunities. You can have great diving experience in Lanzarote. You can enjoy diving in lava rivers and the sea. It has an underwater museum as well where you can enjoy it. You may say that this is not the thing for you, as you do not know how to dive. You need not worry of this aspect since learning diving is very easy and inexpensive. When you reach diving places, you will easily discover diving instructors who will teach you this art and help you have a great diving experience.


Many refer Lanzarote to be as Europe’s Hawaii. It is an incredible tourist spot with something or the other for everyone. None gets bore here in the islands. You have so many things to surf here. If you go surfing this, this will take many days or you can say almost a fortnight to explore the whole islands. Sunbathing and walking the beaches and enjoying watersports at amusement parks are some of the great activities you can enjoy in the islands.

In addition to these above-informed activities, you can enjoy several other activities like cycling, nature walking, ferry fuerteventura, sunset watching, and birdwatching. So, when planning for a tour to Lanzarote, do not do this in hurry. Instead, research about the tourists attractions comprehensively and then plan how you can cover most of them in your limited tour time. You can discuss about this with your tour & travel agency, as they can provide you comprehensive ideas that will help you a lot in planning your tour.