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Top 5 Tourist Attractions You Must Visit in Kotor

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Have you been to Kotor, a beautiful town situated on Montenegro coast? If not yet, you should be. It is a perfect holiday destination to chill and relax with your family.

It goes without saying that Kotor is the crown of the Montenegro coast. The town encompasses a rich cultural heritage and is globally renowned for its breath-taking landscapes.  And I should not miss here, Bay of Kotor, known as Boka, one of the most beautiful bays in the world! From mouth-watering cuisine dishes to rich art and history, Kotor never fails to mesmerise tourists and offers everything that a tourist desires.

It is one of the most delightful places to witness centuries-old buildings, wrought-iron balconies and thousands of cats. Streets bursting with bars, nightlife, live music, romantic ambiance – you will find everything here that makes a destination perfect party place.

Working as a tourist guide for more than twelve years and assisting tourists to visit the beautiful destinations across the Europe, the experience has led me to classify top 5 tourist attractions of Kotor.

If you are planning a trip to the place, visit these places to make the most of your Kotor trip.

Here we go:

1) St Tryphon’s Cathedral

Don’t miss visiting St Tryphon’s Cathedral, one of the most remarkable churches of Kotor. The church was constructed in the 12th century but shattered after several earthquakes and again reconstructed.

Visit the cathedral and explore the beautiful Romanesque architecture encircling pink pillars of stone, domed roofs and more!

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2) Sea Gate

The entrance to the old town is through the sea gate, constructed in the year 1555. Walls at the gate has been marked with the Venice symbols of the lion of St Mark.

Also, the date of city’s liberation has been marked above the gate. Also, a bench has been placed outside the entrance. Capture beautiful moments with your family members in front of this gate and cherish the memories for the years to come!

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3) Maritime Museum

No matter you love history or not, visit the museum and spend few hours exploring the place. You will find marine maps, town plans, models of ships, pistols etc. at the museum. You can visit the place any day of the week. The museum is open seven days and entrée fee is euros 4 for adults and euro 1 for children.

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4) Cats Museum

If you are a cat lover, there is no place like Kotor. Visit cat museum and discover a fascinating collection of cat works such as prints, writings, lithographs, jewellery and more. Albeit, the museum is small in size but is a heart winning a place for cat lovers. There is also a gift shop outside the museum that sells cat souvenirs and also small packets of food to feed cats of Kotor.

The museum has a nominal fee of Euro 1. Don’t miss visiting the Museum.

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5) St Nicholas’ Church

One of the most orthodox church in Kotor, St Nicholas church, constructed in the year 1909. The church is known for its silence, honey wax smell, and silver pieces. It has a wide collection of impressive chandeliers and candle holders. Visit the place and be the part of the magnificent spiritual atmosphere.

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So, these are top tourist attractions of Kotor you must not miss.

Don’t Miss These Things Too

In addition to these places, there are few things you should also include on your Kotor trip.

  • Visit Main Square, sit and relax on the terrace of any hotel, have drinks with the family and spend some quality time.
  • Visit Bay of Kotor, it looks amazing from the sea level and feel the beauty of calm blue water surrounded by striking mountain peaks.
  • Don’t miss eating seafood at some renowned Kotor’s restaurant such as Galion.
  • Visit noisy night clubs to party in Roman-style.


Don’t worry about the travel and accommodation at Kotor, they are surprisingly cheap!

Visit Kotor to get enchanted by its awe-inspiring scenic beauty, centuries-old churches, and museums, astonishing landscapes with incredible romantic ambiance.

For those who are planning a holiday to Kotor, it is advisable to hire Kotor tour guide. There are several Kotor based tour companies that are offering a wide array of walking tours and private tours. These companies have hired experienced tour guides who are well-versed with the knowledge of the place. They know each and everything about the place culture, traditions, festivals, food, music and more!

Don’t hurry up in choosing the tour company, invest time in researching parameters such as the experience of the company, types of tour packages, charges etc. After analysing all these factors carefully, make your choice.

I hope that after reading this article, you have got some insights about Kotor and will visit the place surely.

Author’s Bio:

Nick Smith is a professional travel guide writing on travel related blogs for several years. As a travel expert, Nick specialises in writing blogs on tourist attractions in Europe.