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What To Do In Pushkar In One Day?

Rajasthan is the popular and must visit state in North India. One of the cities to be must visited in Rajasthan is Pushar. Locality that surrounds a sacred lake and houses the only Temple dedicated to Brahma in India, one of the three original deities of Hinduism.

Read here about Things you can do in your Pushkar Tour in One Day.

1. Brahma Temple

The Brahma Temple of Pushkar is one of the most venerated, since Brahma represents one of the three original deities of Hinduism, from which and in the successive list of reincarnations were born the rest of Hindu gods. It is the only place in India with a temple dedicated to Brahma, hence its importance and being a sacred and pilgrimage site. As in the rest of Hindu temples, it is not allowed to take pictures inside; you cannot even enter the camera. You have to enter without shoes and women in a decorous way (no braces or shorts).

Brahma Temple, Pushkar

2. Sacred Lake

Pushkar Lake is an artificial lake and sacred, as are most rivers and lakes of India. The Pushkar Lake is surrounded by 52 Ghats, which are the stone stairs that lead to the river or lake, and where ceremonies or aarti are performed. Although it is not as famous as in Varanasi, since cremations are not carried out in this Lake, it is very important for Hinduism, since it is the lake in which the Brahma God came to expiate his sins after having put the antlers on his loved Savitri.

3. Sacred Bridge And Aarti Ceremony

The religious ceremony known as AARTI starts in the Lake, at around 5.30 PM. You can enter from the Varah Ghat to have the best sunset view. The devotees begin to purify themselves and bathe in the water of the lake, or in the piles, on the banks of the Ghats. The Aarti ceremony consists of the offering made by one of the spiritual guides, of the first caste of priests or Brahman. The prayer is accompanied by chants, drums, and fire by the water.

4. Sikh Temple

The Sikhism is a variant Hindu and they are the ones that wear the Turban, in the head that can be of different colors according to the caste. The main feature of their religion is that lack of pictures or religious idols, and spiritual gurus or priests. They follow a Holy Book which is called Guru Grant Sahib which is similar to Bhagwad Gita, Quran or Bible.

5. Savitri Temple

Another place that is worth spending some time this Temple, in honor of the Goddess Savitri, located on the top of a hill that has very nice views of all Pushkar. The Temple is quite simple, but it is worth going up through the landscape and views, and visiting the surroundings and mountains of Pushkar.

6. Market or Pushkar Bazaar

Rajasthan is popular for its shopping places and you can shop a lot of things in Pushkar but the craft market is the best you can find in Rajasthan. The bags and gifts are cheaper find than any other places in Rajasthan.

7. Camel Rides

Pushkar, in addition to the Lake and the Temple of Brahma is famous for the Camel Fair. Every year in the month of November, brings together more than 100,000 people and up to 20,000 copies of camels from all over India. You can see camel races, dances, ceremonies, etc.

How to Reach Pushkar?

You can reach Pushkar by bus; there is a combination from Jaipur and from Ajmer. You will not get tickets online so you have to go to the station to get it. At the moment there is no direct train to Pushkar. You will have to go Ajmer, which is 11 km from Pushkar (about 30 minutes by bus).